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If you have been charged with a DWI, you are in serious legal trouble.  Texas law is particularly strict in cases of individuals who are "driving while intoxicated."  If you are convicted, you face jail time, a suspended license, as well as expensive fines.  If you have been charged with any type of DWI offense, it is vital that you contact a Houston DWI attorney as soon after the arrest as possible.  At the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC, the attorneys are very familiar with DWI charges of all types, and can assist you with an exceptional defense.  Don't face a DWI charge on your own. Even one DWI conviction can have severe consequences in your life.

Houston DWI Attorney

There are several levels of DWI offenses in Texas.   A conviction will stay on your criminal record forever.  On a first DWI conviction, jail time is 72 hours, unless an open container of alcohol is found, in which case it is 6 days in jail.  The fine is $2,000.  A surcharge is placed on your driver's license, which is separate from the fine. For a first offense, the surcharge is $1,000 per year for three years.  If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level was at .15% or above, your surcharge will be $2,000 per year for three years.   You may receive up to a 1-year driver's license suspension.  There are various options in the defense of your DWI charge, and with the help of a DWI defense attorney, it is possible that the driver's license suspension may be waived if a DWI Education class is attended.   The Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC, can provide a high-quality DWI defense in all types of DWI charges, including the following: 

  • DWI

  • Underage DWI

  • Multiple DWI

  • Felony DWI

  • DWI with Accident

  • DWI and Driving with a Minor

  • DWI with Commercial License

  • DWI and Drugs

  • Breath Tests

  • Field Sobriety Tests

  • Breath Test Refusals

Any DWI charge is serious.  It is strongly advised that you contact an attorney from the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC immediately after your arrest.  The drunk driving defense attorney is skilled in finding any aspect of the evidence against you that can be challenged.  No test is 100% without error, including scientific tests.  Field Sobriety Test results are based on the observation of the law enforcement officer.   Other factors than alcohol consumption can affect field sobriety tests such as age, balance, ability to understand orders, illnesses and so on. When facing a drunk driving charge of any kind, it is crucial that you have an experienced DWI defense lawyer looking into all aspects of your arrest and charge.  At the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC, the lawyers are dedicated to the protection of our clients' legal rights, and will pursue any avenue of defense in that protection.   

Contact a Houston DWI Attorney from the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC, when seeking an exceptional DWI defense attorney to represent you in any drunk driving charges.