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With over 15 years of combined legal experience, Attorneys Marcos A. Adrogué and Lori B. Adrogué focus their law practice on criminal defense and immigration law.  The attorneys of the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC understand that each client (like each case) is unique and needs specific attention.  Call us now for a free consultation.

Whether you are facing incarceration or deportation, you can rest assured that the attorneys of the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC are ready, willing, and able to assist you during your time of need.  Facing a criminal charge can be extremely stressful.  Sometimes life-altering decisions must be made during this difficult time.

A family can be torn apart when a family member is facing deportation proceedings.  In order to overcome and understand this scary time, you need to contact the attorneys of the Adrogué Law Firm, PLLC.  They have the specific knowledge and understanding of the law necessary to successfully fight a deportation.

You need the knowledge, tenacity, and attention of Attorneys Marcos A. Adrogué and Lori B. Adrogué